What should I do when I approach a trash truck on the road?

The operator of a motor vehicle approaching a vehicle with active sanitation workers that is displaying flashing yellow, amber, white, or red lights shall approach the vehicle with due caution and shall, absent any other direction by a peace officer, proceed as follows:

  1. Make a lane change into a lane not adjacent to the vehicle if possible in the existing safety and traffic conditions; or
  2. If a lane change under paragraph (1) of this subsection would be impossible, prohibited by law, or unsafe, reduce the speed of the motor vehicle to a reasonable and proper speed for the existing road and traffic conditions, which speed shall be at least ten miles per hour less than the posted speed limit or 25 miles per hour, whichever is more, and be prepared to stop.

Georgia State Law 40-6-16.1

Follow these tips to keep safety in mind:

  • Slow down when approaching a trash truck making its rounds. Stop if necessary to allow workers to do their jobs.
  • Look for workers before attempting to pass the truck.
  • Check for traffic approaching from the opposite direction before proceeding around the truck.
  • Avoid distractions like texting, talking on the cell phone, changing the radio station or programming a GPS while driving near a trash truck.

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