Why is real-time usage data beneficial?

Better data on usage allows the appropriate match of electric equipment sizing for the service area.   This is especially helpful with the current industry shortage of electric materials.  Properly sized equipment creates a balanced circuit and extends the life of electric equipment.  Real-time usage data also can assist customer service in identifying the date and time an increase or decrease in electricity usage occurred on a customer account when a customer inquires about their electric bill.  

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1. What is an AMI meter?
2. What is the purpose of the AMI Project?
3. What is the benefit to the customer for the meter change?
4. What is the benefit to the City of Lawrenceville?
5. Why is real-time usage data beneficial?
6. Can service be connected/disconnected remotely?
7. How will I know when my meter is on the schedule to be replaced?
8. Will I lose power? If so, how long?
9. What if I have a medical issue and need continuous power?
10. Will they change out my meter if I am not at home?
11. Will my billing date change due to the new meter?
12. Will my electricity usage change due to the new meter?
13. Does the new meter connect to my home Wi-Fi?
14. Does the new meter track anything else at my home?
15. What if I do not want the new AMI meter?
16. Where can I find more information about the new AMI meters?
17. What if the Lawrenceville Power employee causes damage to my home during the installation?
18. Do I need to sign paperwork giving permission for the meter change to take place?