Severe Weather Preparedness

Lightning about to strike a house in a neighborhood

Prepare for Severe Weather

Preparedness is important to keep you and your family safe in the event of severe weather or a natural disaster. Visit the links below for tips on how to effectively prepare for any situation.

  1. Extreme Heat
  2. Natural Disaster
  3. Winter Weather

Tips for Preventing Heat-Related Illness

  1. Stay cool
    1. Wear appropriate clothing for the weather
    2. Stay cool indoors
    3. Schedule outdoor activities carefully
    4. Pace yourself
    5. Wear sunscreen
    6. Do not leave children in cars
    7. Avoid hot and heavy meals
  2. Stay hydrated
    1. Drink plenty of fluids
    2. Replace salt and minerals
    3. Keep your pets hydrated
  3. Stay informed
    1. Check your local news for updates
    2. Know the signs of heat-related illness
    3. Monitor those at high risk

Power Outages

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