Round-Up Program

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Lawrenceville Utilities offers a Round-up Program, a new philanthropic effort offering an opportunity for neighbors to help neighbors. Program funds provide direct benefit to Lawrenceville Utility customers in the utility service area experiencing hardship - improving their quality of life.  To participate in the program please complete this Online Form.

What is a Round-up Program?
Your Lawrenceville Utility bill will be “rounded up” to the next dollar amount each month and proceeds will be placed into a special fund used to benefit those needing assistance with their utility bills.  

How does it work? 
For example, if your monthly bill is $48.51, you’ll pay $49.00 and the extra 49 cents will go toward the Round-up Program.  Most participants will give an average of 50 cents per month or $6 per year.  

Who does it help? 
To qualify for assistance through the Lawrenceville Utilities Round-up Program, individuals will need to apply through a local nonprofit partner of Lawrenceville Utilities and must be a Lawrenceville Utilities Customer. Lawrenceville Utilities has partnered with the Lawrenceville Response Center to administer the program and qualify customers for assistance. For additional information, visit the Payment Assistance page.

Can I opt-out? 
Beginning September 23, 2020, the Lawrenceville Utilities bill format included a Round-up Program detail line. It will also has the option to "opt-out" of the program by checking the box at the bottom of the bill stub and returning it. Other ways to opt-out of the program are:  

Customers cannot be penalized or have service disconnected for non-payment of the Round-Up Program portion of their bill.