Trash Carts

In early 2020, the City of Lawrenceville provided new 95-gallon roll-out style trash carts to its customers residing within the city limits for curbside collection of solid household waste.

Why did the City provide new carts?
Cleanliness: Roll-out carts, such as these, with attached lids help keep odors in and vermin and animals out. The attached lid helps prevents spills while keeping our streets clean and aesthetically pleasing.
User-Friendly:  Rolling carts have wide handles, a large lifting ledge on the lid, a foot tilt area on the back of the cart body, and large wheels for easy tilting and maneuvering while moving the cart.
Efficiency & Safety:  The addition of new carts will allow more efficient collection by our Sanitation Crews and will increase their safety. 

What about recycling? Recycling services are provided by Latham Home Sanitation.  Customers may obtain a bin by calling 770.554.0455. 

Where can I find details on your Trash Collection Policy? Please see our Collection Policy for details.

What about leaf service, tree limbs and grass clippings?  Your new 95-gallon trash carts are for household waste ONLY. Please see our Collection Policy for details on disposal of leaves, limbs and grass clippings.  Please visit our Large Item (Bulk) Pickup page for details on that paid service.

Can I get an extra trash cart?  Yes, but there is a fee for an additional cart.  Extra cart fees:  One-time $20 delivery charge per cart and $20 per cart per month for each additional cart added to the account after the initial cart. Please complete the Online Form, or contact Customer Service for details. Phone: 678-407-6675 or