Natural Gas Rates

City of Lawrenceville Natural Gas Rates

View residential and commercial rates for all Lawrenceville Utilities (PDF).

Rates change monthly based upon the market value. Please contact Customer Service for specific answers to your questions by calling 678-407-6675.  Please review this informational flyer on an expected rise in natural gas prices in late 2021 and early 2022, including helpful tips to prepare. 

Gas Pricing Comparison

The Lawrenceville Variable Gas Rate/Bill Comparison (PDF) file provides a central location that allows customers to compare rate plans against the Lawrenceville Gas Rates. The chart reflects what a typical customer would pay for natural gas based upon each provider’s pricing plans and allows the customer to see how the bills compare among the various providers. A 'typical customer’ is defined on the pricing chart.

Average Natural Gas Bill Pricing bar chart for 2022