The City of Lawrenceville has further established a Recycling Program in cooperation with Latham Home Sanitation. This program is available for city residents, who may obtain a recycling bin by calling Latham Home Sanitation at 770-554-0455. View the current recycling statistics (PDF) for more information.


Please note, the City’s Recycling Program no longer accepts glass. For more information, please read our Glass Disposal Document (PDF).

Recycling Facts

The National Waste & Recycling Association offers guidance on which items not to recycle. The problem is that putting non-recyclables (or residuals) in recycle bins creates much more work for recycling centers. Contamination rates are around 25%. So educating yourself on what can and cannot be recycled will help reduce the residual problem. 

Some items almost never accepted for recycling are:

  1. Disposable paper cups (They are coated with plastic and cannot be separated.)
  2. Paper towels
  3. Styrofoam
  4. Plastic garbage bags (Clog up the machinery.) 
  5. Greasy pizza boxes (or anything that is food covered.)
  6. Candy wrappers
  7. Shrink food wrapping (lunch meat, hot dogs, etc.)
  8. Cellophane wrapping (bakery items, etc.)
  9. Grocery store bags (Can be recycled to a designated destination such as those inside the store).

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